Tulsa Electrician 2017: Great Facts and Tips About LED Panel and Lighting Installations


LED panel lights are increasingly becoming popular replacing fluorescent lamps due to their energy-saving properties with higher efficacy. There are advantages and disadvantages of both LED lights and fluorescent lamps and they are evaluated basing on the color temperature, color rendering index and the lumens. Because of their long lifespan and low acquisition costs, the common choice of lighting for commercial and institutional buildings are fluorescent tubes and CFL light bulbs. These types of lights have mercury filled with argon or krypton and an inert gas. Due to mercury content of fluorescent lights, they are considered hazardous to the environment. LED lamps are the popular choice today because even though they have higher upfront cost, they give you more savings in the long run because of very low energy expenditure. Learn more about Tulsa Panel Installations, go here.

LED panel lights have the versatility and adaptability needed for various industries such as hospitality services, retail, healthcare, schools, and universities. Because of the design and technology behind the manufacturing of LED lights, they are applicable for both residential or commercial use. Domestically, LED light panels are commonly used in the living room, bathroom, and kitchen. The LED panel lights are now commonly used in retail shops, supermarkets, factories, offices, and hotels as well as hospitals, schools, and other public establishments. Because of environmental-friendly and cost-saving features, different business sectors are embracing and endorsing the LED technology. The three main types of LED panels sold in the market today include square, rectangle, and round LED panel lights. Many LED panel lights users are enjoying the simple and easy installation and low maintenance throughout its lifespan. Because of harmonious and uniform lighting environment, LED ceiling panels are ideal replacement for conventional or old grid based fluorescent lights. To help lower your energy bills and help the environment, you can have your fluorescent lights replaced with LED lights. Find out for further details on Tulsa Lighting Installations right here.

The four different ways of LED ceiling lights installation include built-in, recessed, suspended and mounted. For a sleeker and modern look, recessed and built-in installations are the popular choice and the other create subdued lighting. Suspended installation is ideal for pendant lights and chandeliers, while mounted LED lights installation highlight a fixture’s style. It is important to follow the instructions of the user manual of your LED panels before installation so you can understand the different parts and components used. A trusted and reliable electrician can help you install your LED panel lights, feel free to check our website or contact us directly for more information. By contacting a qualified and professional electrician, you are confident and assured that your LED panel lights are properly installed.


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